We are embarking into the new age of film distribution, one in which the film makers themselves have the opportunity to reach out to their target audience with confidence and control. You are welcome to join us and wander forth with our minds, hearts and wallets wide open.

Steven Lovy (Mix, Circuitry Man) and I have decided to document our adventure in self distribution. We have looked long and wide for an online system that would allow us to get our award winning feature film out to the masses, a venture that conventional distribution companies deemed unprofitable. 

Of course this journey started a long, long time ago when "Mix" was nought but an idea penned on the back of a beer coaster in our favorite bar in Manhattan Beach, California. Or was it Venice Beach?  Never mind...
we will get into those early days of distribution follies in later blogs... today we are here to celebrate the launch of "Mix" online by congratulating the boys who created the system that can deliver your film to any computer in the world: Peter and Andy of Distrify.com.

Distrify.com  Burn that name into the back of your retinas. If all goes well with our trial launch then we predict that these Scottish lads will not only help out the suffering industry of indie films but will revolutionize how ALL films are delivered to consumers.

Happy Holidays,
Lovy Brothers 12/25/2012

1/1/2012 07:16:59 am

Happy New Year to you. I again greatly enjoyed your movie, not unlike your L.A. screening a few years ago, yet the impact, music, cinematic beauty and impassioned storyline came through just as powerfully here.Thank you for finally distributing your movie in a way we can now access as well as share with our friends!


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